About Us

We provide environmental protection services: environmental balances, environmental impact reports, risk studies, environmental reports, site reports, security report.

About Us

SC Enviromep SRL is a private and independent company with Romanian capital, formed in 2011 by a team of engineers and environmental specialists, which provides environmental consulting, providing fast, optimal and professional solutions to environmental issues, using modern, complete and long lasting services.

We offer our customers the possibility to improve environmental performance, to optimize their activities and to reduce the risks and the negative environmental impacts.


Our team includes experts in environmental protection field (environmental engineers, ecologists, experts in biology, botanists, zoologists, forest engineers) with experience in elaboration of the documents required to obtain various environmental agreements.

The company is certified by the Ministry of Environment for all types of works and services in environmental protection: environmental audits, studies, environmental impact assessment, risk assessment studies, environmental reports, site reports, security reports.  Our company is registered in the National Registry of Environmental Evaluators at 431/2011 position.